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How to pronounce the word "windhoek" and what is the definition of "windhoek"?



How to pronounce windhoek?

The word windhoek sounds like wind-hoek

What is the definition of windhoek?

nouncapital of Namibia in the center of the country

What is the meaning of Windhoek?

  • Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia.

Where is Windhoek located?

  • Windhoek is located in central Namibia.

What is the population of Windhoek?

  • The population of Windhoek is approximately 400,000.

What is the official language of Windhoek?

  • The official language of Windhoek is English.

What is the currency used in Windhoek?

  • The currency used in Windhoek is the Namibian dollar (NAD).

What is the climate like in Windhoek?

  • Windhoek has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and mild winters.

What are some popular attractions in Windhoek?

  • Some popular attractions in Windhoek include the Christuskirche, the Tintenpalast (Ink Palace), and the Namibia Craft Centre.

What is the time zone in Windhoek?

  • Windhoek follows the Central Africa Time (CAT) time zone.

Is Windhoek a popular tourist destination?

  • Yes, Windhoek is a popular tourist destination known for its German colonial-era buildings and cultural festivals.

What is the calling code of Windhoek?

  • The calling code of Windhoek is +264.