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How to pronounce 'yikes' and what does 'yikes' mean?


How to pronounce yikes?

The word yikes sounds like yike

What is the meaning of 'yikes'?

  • 'Yikes' is an exclamation used to express surprise, fear, or astonishment.

Is 'yikes' a formal word?

  • No, 'yikes' is considered an informal word.

What part of speech is 'yikes'?

  • 'Yikes' is an interjection.

Can 'yikes' be used in a sentence?

  • Yes, for example: 'Yikes! I didn't expect to see you here!'

Is 'yikes' a positive or negative word?

  • 'Yikes' is a word often used to express a negative emotion or surprise.

Is there a similar word to 'yikes'?

  • Yes, similar words to 'yikes' include 'wow', 'oh no', 'oops', or 'oh my'.

Is 'yikes' used in written or spoken language?

  • 'Yikes' is more commonly used in spoken language or informal writing.

Can 'yikes' be used as a verb?

  • No, 'yikes' is not used as a verb.

Is 'yikes' a slang word?

  • Yes, 'yikes' is considered a slang word.

Can 'yikes' be used to show approval?

  • No, 'yikes' is not typically used to show approval.