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How do you pronounce the word 'trevelyan'?



How to pronounce trevelyan?

The word trevelyan sounds like tre-vel-yan

What is the definition of trevelyan?

nounEnglish historian who wrote a history of the American revolution and a biography of his uncle Lord Macaulay (1838-1928)
nounEnglish historian and son of Sir George Otto Trevelyan whose works include a social history of England and a biography of Garibaldi (1876-1962)

What is the meaning of trevelyan?

  • Trevelyan is a surname of Cornish origin.
  • It is derived from the Cornish words 'tre' meaning 'farm' or 'homestead' and 'fell' or 'fellyan' meaning '2nd son' or 'middle son'.
  • The name indicates that the bearers were second or middle sons who lived on a farm.

Is Trevelyan a common surname?

  • Trevelyan is not one of the most common surnames.
  • It is relatively rare and not as widely distributed as some other surnames.

Where does the surname Trevelyan originate from?

  • The surname Trevelyan originates from Cornwall, a county in southwest England.
  • It specifically has Cornish origins, with the word 'tre' meaning 'farm' or 'homestead' and 'fell' or 'fellyan' meaning '2nd son' or 'middle son'.

Are there any famous people with the surname Trevelyan?

  • Yes, there are notable individuals with the surname Trevelyan.
  • One of the most well-known is George Macaulay Trevelyan (1876-1962), a British historian and academic.
  • He was known for his works on British history, including 'History of England' and 'Garibaldi and the Thousand'.

Can Trevelyan be used as a first name?

  • Yes, Trevelyan can be used as a first name.
  • While it is more commonly used as a surname, it can also be used as a given name for boys.
  • However, it is not as common as traditional first names.

What are some variations or similar names to Trevelyan?

  • Some variations or similar names to Trevelyan include Trevallion, Trevelyon, and Trevilian.
  • These names have similar origins and may be used as alternatives or variations of the surname Trevelyan.

Is Trevelyan a unisex name?

  • Trevelyan is typically used as a masculine name.
  • While it is possible for it to be used as a unisex name, it is more commonly associated with boys or men.

Are there any fictional characters with the name Trevelyan?

  • Yes, there are fictional characters with the name Trevelyan.
  • One notable example is Alec Trevelyan, a character from the James Bond film 'GoldenEye'.
  • He is portrayed as a former MI6 agent turned villain.

What is the popularity of the name Trevelyan?

  • The name Trevelyan is not among the most popular names.
  • As a given name, it is considered rare and not commonly chosen for children.
  • As a surname, it is also relatively less common compared to more popular surnames.

What are some similar surnames to Trevelyan?

  • Some similar surnames to Trevelyan include Trevilian, Truelove, Trewhella, and Trevorrow.
  • These names may have similar sound patterns or origins, although they are not exact matches.