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How do you pronounce "ijsselmeer"?



How to pronounce ijsselmeer?

The word ijsselmeer sounds like ijs-sel-meer

What is the definition of ijsselmeer?

nouna shallow lake in northwestern Netherlands created in 1932 by building a dam across the entrance to the Zuider Zee

What is the meaning of Ijsselmeer?

  • Ijsselmeer is a large lake in the central Netherlands.

Where is Ijsselmeer located?

  • Ijsselmeer is located in the province of Flevoland, North Holland, and Friesland in the Netherlands.

How was Ijsselmeer created?

  • Ijsselmeer was created in 1932 with the completion of the Afsluitdijk, which closed off the former Zuiderzee from the North Sea.

What was Ijsselmeer called before it was created?

  • Before it was created, Ijsselmeer was known as the Zuiderzee.

How large is Ijsselmeer?

  • Ijsselmeer covers an area of approximately 1,650 square kilometers (640 square miles).

What is the depth of Ijsselmeer?

  • The average depth of Ijsselmeer is around 4 to 5 meters (13 to 16 feet).

What is the significance of Ijsselmeer?

  • Ijsselmeer serves as an important freshwater reservoir and a popular destination for recreational activities such as sailing and fishing.

What cities are located along the shores of Ijsselmeer?

  • Some cities located along the shores of Ijsselmeer include Amsterdam, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, and Lelystad.

Is Ijsselmeer connected to the North Sea?

  • No, Ijsselmeer is separated from the North Sea by the Afsluitdijk.

Is Ijsselmeer a natural lake?

  • No, Ijsselmeer is an artificial lake created by the construction of the Afsluitdijk.