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How to pronounce 'naja'?



What is the definition of naja?


What is the meaning of the word 'naja'?

  • 'Naja' is a noun that refers to a venomous snake of the cobra family, found in Africa and Asia.

Is 'naja' a common word?

  • 'Naja' is not a very common word in English, but it is commonly used in scientific or zoological contexts.

Can 'naja' be used as a name?

  • Yes, 'Naja' can be used as a name, especially in cultures that have a connection to snakes.

Is 'naja' related to the word 'cobra'?

  • Yes, 'naja' is related to the word 'cobra'. The Naja genus is a group of venomous snakes that are commonly referred to as cobras.

Are there different species of 'naja'?

  • Yes, there are several species within the Naja genus, including the Indian cobra (Naja naja) and the Egyptian cobra (Naja haje).

How does a 'naja' snake defend itself?

  • A 'naja' snake defends itself by raising the front part of its body, spreading its hood, and hissing. It may also bite and inject venom if threatened.

Can 'naja' snakes be found in North America?

  • No, 'naja' snakes are not native to North America. They are primarily found in Africa and Asia.

Is the 'naja' snake venomous?

  • Yes, the 'naja' snake is venomous. It has potent venom that it can inject into its prey or potential threats.

What is the average size of a 'naja' snake?

  • The average size of a 'naja' snake varies depending on the species. For example, the Indian cobra can grow up to 6 feet long, while the Egyptian cobra can reach lengths of 8 feet.

What is the scientific name of the 'naja' snake?

  • The scientific name for the 'naja' snake is Naja.