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How to pronounce "antennae" and what is the meaning of "antennae"?


How to pronounce antennae?

The word antennae sounds like an-ten-nae

What is the plural form of antennae?

  • The plural form of antenna is antennae.

What is the meaning of antennae?

  • Antennae are the paired sensory appendages found on the heads of insects, crustaceans, and some other arthropods.

How do you pronounce antennae?

  • The pronunciation of antennae is uhn-ten-ee or an-ten-ee.

What is the origin of the word antennae?

  • The word antennae is derived from the Latin word 'antenna' meaning 'sail yard'.

What are the different types of antennae in insects?

  • The different types of antennae in insects include filiform, moniliform, clavate, lamellate, and geniculate antennae.

What is the function of antennae?

  • Antennae serve as sensory organs for insects, helping them to detect information about their environment such as movement, touch, smell, and temperature.

Do all insects have antennae?

  • No, not all insects have antennae. Some insects, like fleas, have reduced or even absent antennae.

Are antennae present in other animals apart from insects?

  • Yes, besides insects, antennae are also found in crustaceans, such as crabs and lobsters, and some other arthropods.

Can antennae regenerate if they are damaged?

  • In some insects, antennae can partially regenerate if they are damaged or lost, although the regenerated antennae may not be exactly the same as the original ones.

Are human antennae a thing?

  • No, humans do not have antennae. Antennae are not present in mammals, including humans.