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How to pronounce 'hid'?


What is the definition of "hid"?

  • Hid is the past tense of the verb "hide", which means to conceal or put out of sight.

What is the present tense of "hid"?

  • The present tense of "hid" is "hide".

Is "hid" a regular or irregular verb form?

  • "Hid" is an irregular verb form.

Can you give me an example sentence using the word "hid"?

  • She hid the keys under the mat.

What is the antonym of "hid"?

  • The antonym of "hid" is "revealed" or "exposed".

What is the synonym of "hid"?

  • The synonym of "hid" is "concealed" or "obscured".

What are the different forms of the word "hid"?

  • The different forms of the word "hid" are hide (present tense), hiding (present participle), hidden (past participle).

What are some related words to "hid"?

  • Some related words to "hid" are conceal, cover, bury, mask, camoufflage.

What part of speech is "hid"?

  • "Hid" is the past tense of the verb "hide", so it functions as a verb.

Is "hid" a common word in English?

  • "Hid" is a relatively common word in English.