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How to pronounce chasse?


verb, noun

How to pronounce chasse?


What is the definition of chasse?

verbperform a chasse step, in ballet
noun(ballet) quick gliding steps with one foot always leading

What is the meaning of chasse?

  • Chasse is a noun that refers to a ballet step or movement in which the dancer performs a quick gliding movement while keeping one foot in place and the other foot doing a sliding step to the side.

What is the origin of the word chasse?

  • The word chasse comes from the French language, specifically from the verb 'chasser' which means 'to chase' or 'to hunt'. It was originally used in ballet to describe a movement that resembles the quick chase of a hunting technique.

How is chasse pronounced?

  • Chasse is pronounced shahs.

What are some synonyms of chasse?

  • Some synonyms of chasse include glide, slide, and step.

What are some related words to chasse?

  • Some related words to chasse include ballet, dance, movement, step, and choreography.

Can you provide an example sentence using the word chasse?

  • Sure! Here's an example sentence: 'The ballerina executed a perfect chasse across the stage.'

Is chasse used in any other contexts besides ballet?

  • While chasse is commonly used in ballet terminology, it can also be used in other dance styles, such as jazz and contemporary dance. Additionally, the term chasse is sometimes used metaphorically to describe a quick and smooth movement in non-dance-related contexts.

Are there any variations of chasse?

  • Yes, there are variations of chasse in ballet, such as chasse en avant (forward chasse) and chasse en arriere (backward chasse), which indicate the direction of the movement.

Are there any specific techniques to master the chasse?

  • Yes, mastering the chasse requires proper weight transfer, coordination, and control of both feet. It is important to maintain stability on the supporting foot while executing a fluid and precise sliding step with the other foot.

Can chasse be performed by beginners in ballet?

  • Yes, chasse is a fundamental ballet step that beginners learn early on. It serves as a building block for more complex movements and combinations in ballet.