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What is the pronunciation of "ingenue"?



How to pronounce ingenue?

The word ingenue sounds like in-ge-nue

What is the definition of ingenue?

nounan actress who specializes in playing the role of an artless innocent young girl
nounan artless innocent young girl (especially as portrayed on the stage)
nounthe role of an innocent artless young woman in a play

What is the definition of 'ingenue'?

  • An 'ingenue' is a naive, innocent, or unsophisticated young woman.

What is the origin of the word 'ingenue'?

  • The word 'ingenue' is borrowed from the French word 'ingénue', which means 'ingenuous' or 'guileless'. It entered the English language in the late 18th century.

What are synonyms for 'ingenue'?

  • Some synonyms for 'ingenue' are innocent, naive, ingenuous, inexperienced, and unsophisticated.

What is the opposite of 'ingenue'?

  • The opposite of 'ingenue' is 'sophisticate' or 'veteran'.

In what contexts is the word 'ingenue' typically used?

  • The word 'ingenue' is typically used in the context of theater and film to describe a young female character who is innocent, naive, or idealistic. It can also be used more generally to refer to a young woman who displays these qualities.

Can 'ingenue' be used as a verb?

  • No, 'ingenue' is not used as a verb. It is a noun.

Is 'ingenue' a formal or informal word?

  • 'Ingenue' is considered a formal word.

Are there any related terms or phrases associated with 'ingenue'?

  • Some related terms or phrases associated with 'ingenue' include 'ingenuous', 'naivety', 'innocence', and 'youthful charm'.

What is the gender-specific form of 'ingenue'?

  • The gender-specific form of 'ingenue' is 'ingenue' itself. It is used to describe both young female and male characters who possess the qualities of innocence and naivety.

Can 'ingenue' be used to describe someone older?

  • While 'ingenue' is primarily associated with young women, it can be metaphorically used to describe someone older who has a youthful or innocent demeanor or appearance.