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What is the correct pronunciation of the word 'obligor' and what does it mean?


What is the definition of obligor?

  • An obligor is a person or entity who has an obligation or responsibility to fulfill a certain task or duty.

What are some synonyms for obligor?

  • Debtor
  • Payer
  • Defendant
  • Indebted person

What is the opposite of obligor?

  • Obligee
  • Creditor

What are some related terms to obligor?

  • Obligation
  • Liability
  • Responsibility
  • Debt

What are the different types of obligors?

  • Individual obligor
  • Corporate obligor
  • Government obligor

What are the characteristics of an obligor?

  • Has a legal or financial obligation
  • May have signed a contract or agreement
  • Must fulfill their responsibility or face consequences

What is the role of an obligor in a contract?

  • The obligor is bound by the terms of the contract to perform a certain action or pay a specific amount of money.

Can an obligor transfer their obligation to someone else?

  • In some cases, an obligor may be able to transfer their obligation to another person or entity through a process called novation.

What happens if an obligor fails to fulfill their obligation?

  • If an obligor fails to fulfill their obligation, they may be subject to legal action or penalties, such as fines or loss of assets.

Is an obligor the same as a guarantor?

  • No, an obligor is the party with the primary responsibility to fulfill an obligation, while a guarantor is a secondary party who ensures the obligation is fulfilled if the obligor fails to do so.