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How to pronounce jalousie?



How to pronounce jalousie?

The word jalousie sounds like jal-ou-sie

What is the definition of jalousie?

nouna window with glass louvers
nouna shutter made of angled slats

What does the word jalousie mean?

  • Jalousie is a noun that refers to a window made of glass slats that can be opened and closed to control the flow of air and light.

How do you pronounce jalousie?

  • The word jalousie is pronounced as `juh-loo-zee`.

What is the origin of the word jalousie?

  • The word jalousie originated from the French word 'jalouse', which means jealous. It was originally used to describe a type of window design that allowed one to see without being seen, leading to its association with feelings of jealousy.

What are some synonyms of jalousie?

  • Some synonyms of jalousie include louvered window, blind window, and glass slat window.

What are some related words to jalousie?

  • Some related words to jalousie include window, ventilation, airflow, privacy, and jealousy.

How is jalousie used in a sentence?

  • I opened the jalousie to let in some fresh air.
  • She peeked through the jalousie to see who was outside.

What is the plural form of jalousie?

  • The plural form of jalousie is jalousies.

Can jalousie be used metaphorically?

  • Yes, jalousie can be used metaphorically to describe a person's jealous or envious feelings towards someone or something.

Are jalousie windows still in use today?

  • While jalousie windows were popular in the past, they are less commonly used today as they are not as energy-efficient as other window types. However, they can still be found in some older buildings or tropical climates where airflow is desired.

Can jalousie windows be easily repaired?

  • Jalousie windows can be repaired, but it can be more complex compared to other types of windows. The repair process may involve replacing broken glass slats or repairing the mechanism that opens and closes the window.