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How to pronounce imbecility?



How to pronounce imbecility?

The word imbecility sounds like im-be-cil-i-ty

What is the definition of imbecility?

nouna stupid mistake
nounretardation more severe than a moron but not as severe as an idiot

What is the definition of imbecility?

  • Imbecility refers to a state of profound mental retardation or intellectual disability, characterized by significantly below-average intelligence and limitations in daily functioning.

What are synonyms for imbecility?

  • stupidity
  • foolishness
  • idiocy
  • retardation

What are antonyms for imbecility?

  • intelligence
  • brightness
  • smartness

What is the origin of the word imbecility?

  • The word 'imbecility' originated from the Latin word 'imbecillus', meaning weak or feeble-minded.

What are common causes of imbecility?

  • Imbecility can be caused by genetic disorders, brain injuries, exposure to toxins during pregnancy, and certain infections.

Is imbecility a medical term?

  • Yes, imbecility is considered a medical term to describe severe intellectual disabilities.

Can imbecility be treated?

  • While the effects of imbecility cannot be fully reversed, early intervention and appropriate support can help individuals with imbecility improve their quality of life and function to their fullest potential.

Can imbecility be prevented?

  • Some causes of imbecility, such as genetic disorders, may not be preventable. However, taking necessary precautions during pregnancy, such as avoiding exposure to harmful substances and infections, can help reduce the risk of imbecility.

Is imbecility a permanent condition?

  • Yes, imbecility is generally a permanent condition, as it is caused by significant intellectual disabilities that persist throughout a person's lifetime.

How is imbecility diagnosed?

  • Imbecility is typically diagnosed through comprehensive assessments, including intelligence tests, adaptive behavior evaluations, medical examinations, and genetic testing if necessary.