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How to pronounce "ennui"?



How to pronounce ennui?

The word ennui sounds like en-nui

What is the definition of ennui?

nounthe feeling of being bored by something tedious

What is the definition of 'ennui'?

  • 'Ennui' is a noun that refers to a feeling of dissatisfaction or boredom arising from a lack of excitement or interest in one's life.

What is the origin of the word 'ennui'?

  • The word 'ennui' originated from the French language. It comes from the Old French word 'enui', which means 'annoyance' or 'vexation'.

What are synonyms for 'ennui'?

  • Some synonyms for 'ennui' include boredom, tedium, monotony, listlessness, and apathy.

What are antonyms for 'ennui'?

  • Some antonyms for 'ennui' include excitement, enthusiasm, interest, engagement, and fascination.

How is 'ennui' pronounced?

  • 'Ennui' is pronounced as ahn-wee.

What are the related words to 'ennui'?

  • Some related words to 'ennui' include languor, melancholy, malaise, disinterest, and indifference.

How can 'ennui' be used in a sentence?

  • 1. The long winter days brought a sense of ennui to the small town.
  • 2. He wandered around the museum with a feeling of ennui, having seen the exhibits many times before.
  • 3. The repetitive nature of his job filled him with ennui.

Is 'ennui' a common word?

  • 'Ennui' is not as commonly used as some other words, but it is still recognizable and understood by English speakers.

Can 'ennui' be used to describe a physical state?

  • No, 'ennui' is typically used to describe a mental or emotional state of dissatisfaction or boredom, rather than a physical state.

Is 'ennui' similar to depression?

  • 'Ennui' shares some similarities with depression in terms of feeling a lack of interest or motivation, but it is not the same as clinical depression, which is a more severe and persistent mental health condition.