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How do you pronounce 'alcmene'?


How to pronounce alcmene?

The word alcmene sounds like alc-me-ne

What is the meaning of 'alcmene'?

  • Alcmene is a proper noun that refers to a character in Greek mythology. She was the mother of Heracles (Hercules) and was married to Amphitryon, the king of Tiryns.

Who was Alcmene in Greek mythology?

  • In Greek mythology, Alcmene was a mortal woman renowned for her beauty and piety. She was the daughter of Electryon, the king of Mycenae.

What is the story of Alcmene in Greek mythology?

  • According to mythology, Alcmene caught the attention of Zeus, the king of the gods, who disguised himself as her husband Amphitryon and slept with her. As a result, she became pregnant with Heracles, Zeus's son. Alcmene's life was filled with challenges and trials, but she remained a faithful and strong-willed mother.

What are some other names for Alcmene?

  • In different versions of Greek mythology, Alcmene is also known as Alcmena or Alkmene.

Is Alcmene a popular name?

  • While Alcmene is not a commonly used name in modern times, it holds significance in Greek mythology.

Are there any famous references to Alcmene in literature or art?

  • Alcmene is mentioned in various ancient Greek plays, poems, and texts. She is often portrayed as a virtuous and honorable woman.

Is there a modern interpretation or adaptation of the story of Alcmene?

  • The story of Alcmene and her son Heracles has inspired numerous adaptations in literature, theater, and film. These adaptations often explore themes of heroism, divine intervention, and the struggles faced by mortal women.

What is the origin of the name Alcmene?

  • The name Alcmene has Greek origins. It is derived from the Greek words 'alkos' meaning 'strength' and 'mene' meaning 'moon'. Hence, the name can be interpreted as 'strength of the moon' or 'strong-willed'.

Is Alcmene a common name in Greek mythology?

  • Alcmene is a significant character in Greek mythology, particularly as the mother of Heracles. While she may not be as well-known as some other mythological figures, her role in the Heracles' story is of great importance.

What qualities are associated with Alcmene in Greek mythology?

  • Alcmene is often depicted as a virtuous and honorable woman. She is known for her beauty, piety, and strength of character. Alcmene's devotion as a mother and her perseverance in the face of challenges are also notable qualities associated with her.