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How to pronounce 'strychnine' and its meaning



How to pronounce strychnine?

The word strychnine sounds like strych-nine

What is the definition of strychnine?

nounan alkaloid plant toxin extracted chiefly from nux vomica; formerly used as a stimulant

What is strychnine?

  • Strychnine is a highly toxic alkaloid that comes from the seeds of the Strychnos nux-vomica tree.

What is the chemical formula of strychnine?

  • The chemical formula of strychnine is C21H22N2O2.

What are the common uses of strychnine?

  • Strychnine has been used as a pesticide, particularly for rodent control.

How does strychnine work?

  • Strychnine acts as a central nervous system stimulant and blocks the action of inhibitory neurotransmitters, leading to muscle spasms and respiratory paralysis.

Is strychnine poisonous?

  • Yes, strychnine is highly poisonous and can be fatal even in small doses.

What are the symptoms of strychnine poisoning?

  • Symptoms of strychnine poisoning include muscle stiffness, convulsions, rigid body posture, and difficulty breathing.

Is strychnine illegal?

  • The sale and use of strychnine as a pesticide have been restricted or banned in many countries due to its toxicity.

Can strychnine be used as a medicine?

  • In the past, strychnine has been used in small doses as a medicine for stimulating the nervous system, but its use is now highly limited due to its toxicity.

What are the long-term effects of strychnine poisoning?

  • Long-term effects of strychnine poisoning can include muscle weakness, memory problems, and respiratory complications.

What should I do if I suspect strychnine poisoning?

  • If you suspect strychnine poisoning, immediately seek medical help and avoid inducing vomiting.