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How do you pronounce "rotten"?



How to pronounce rotten?

The word rotten sounds like rot-ten

What is the definition of rotten?

adjectivedamaged by decay; hence unsound and useless
  • rotten floor boards
adjectivevery bad
adjectivehaving decayed or disintegrated; usually implies foulness
  • dead and rotten in his grave

What is the meaning of the word "rotten"?

  • The word "rotten" is an adjective that describes something that is decayed, spoiled, or decomposed.

What is the antonym of "rotten"?

  • The antonym of "rotten" is "fresh".

What are some synonyms of "rotten"?

  • Some synonyms of "rotten" are decayed, spoiled, decomposed, putrid, and rancid.

In which context can "rotten" be used?

  • "Rotten" can be used in various contexts, such as describing food that has gone bad, decaying organic matter, or something that is morally corrupt or dishonest.

Is "rotten" a formal or informal word?

  • "Rotten" is more commonly used in informal language or casual conversations.

Can "rotten" be used to describe a person?

  • Yes, "rotten" can be used to describe a person who is morally corrupt or dishonest.

What is the origin of the word "rotten"?

  • The word "rotten" originated from Middle English and is derived from the Old Norse word "rotinn", which means decayed.

Is there a noun form of the word "rotten"?

  • Yes, the noun form of "rotten" is "rot".

Is there a verb form of the word "rotten"?

  • Yes, the verb form of "rotten" is "rot".

Can you provide an example sentence using the word "rotten"?

  • The fruit in the basket is rotten and should not be eaten.