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How to pronounce tumultuous?



How to pronounce tumultuous?

The word tumultuous sounds like tu-mul-tu-ous

What is the definition of tumultuous?

adjectivecharacterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination
  • the tumultuous years of his administration

What is the definition of tumultuous?

  • Tumultuous is an adjective that describes a state of chaos, disorder, or agitation.

What is the origin of the word tumultuous?

  • The word tumultuous originates from the Latin word 'tumultuosus', which means noisy or disorderly.

How do you pronounce tumultuous?

  • The word tumultuous is pronounced tuh-muhl-choo-uhs.

What are synonyms of tumultuous?

  • Some synonyms of tumultuous include turbulent, chaotic, disorderly, stormy, and volatile.

What are antonyms of tumultuous?

  • Some antonyms of tumultuous include calm, peaceful, quiet, orderly, and tranquil.

How can tumultuous be used in a sentence?

  • 1. The crowd's response was tumultuous, filled with cheers and applause.
  • 2. The company went through a tumultuous period of layoffs and restructuring.
  • 3. The storm created tumultuous waves that crashed against the shoreline.

Is tumultuous a positive or negative word?

  • Tumultuous is generally used to describe a state of chaos or disorder, so it is often associated with negative connotations.

What part of speech is tumultuous?

  • Tumultuous is an adjective.

Can tumultuous be used to describe a person?

  • Yes, tumultuous can be used to describe a person who is characterized by chaos or disorder in their actions or behavior.

What is the related noun form of tumultuous?

  • The related noun form of tumultuous is tumult.