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How to pronounce monotonous



How to pronounce monotonous?

The word monotonous sounds like mo-not-o-nous

What is the definition of monotonous?

adjectivetediously repetitious or lacking in variety
  • nothing is so monotonous as the sea
adjectivesounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch
  • the owl's faint monotonous hooting

What is the definition of monotonous?

  • Monotonous means dull, tedious, and lacking in variety or interest.

What is the origin of the word monotonous?

  • The word monotonous originated from the Greek word 'monotonos', which means 'one tone'.

What are some synonyms of monotonous?

  • Some synonyms of monotonous include tedious, dull, boring, repetitive, and uninteresting.

What are some antonyms of monotonous?

  • Some antonyms of monotonous include exciting, varied, interesting, engaging, and stimulating.

How can monotonous be used in a sentence?

  • The professor's monotonous voice made it hard to stay awake in class.
  • She found her job to be monotonous and wanted a change.

What is a related word to monotonous?

  • A related word to monotonous is monochrome, which refers to something lacking in color or variety.

What part of speech is monotonous?

  • Monotonous is an adjective.

Can monotonous describe a person?

  • Yes, monotonous can describe a person's behavior, voice, or habits.

Can monotonous describe a sound?

  • Yes, monotonous can describe a sound that is repetitive and lacking variation.

Is monotonous a positive or negative word?

  • Monotonous is generally considered a negative word because it implies a lack of excitement or interest.