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How do you pronounce 'scythe'?


noun, verb

How to pronounce scythe?

The word scythe sounds like scythe

What is the definition of scythe?

nounan edge tool for cutting grass; has a long handle that must be held with both hands and a curved blade that moves parallel to the ground
verbcut with a scythe
  • scythe grass or grain

What is the definition of scythe?

  • A scythe is an agricultural tool with a curved, single-edged blade used for cutting crops such as grass or grain.

How is scythe pronounced?

  • The word scythe is pronounced as 'sahyth'.

What is the origin of the word scythe?

  • The word scythe originated from the Old English word 'sīthe' and the Old Norse word 'sítja'.

What are some synonyms of scythe?

  • Some synonyms of scythe include sickle, reaping hook, and reaper.

What are some related words to scythe?

  • Some related words to scythe include harvest, farming, agricultural, blade, and crop.

What are the different types of scythes?

  • There are different types of scythes, including the grass scythe, grain scythe, brush scythe, and weed scythe.

How is a scythe used?

  • A scythe is used by swinging the curved blade horizontally to cut through vegetation.

What are the parts of a scythe?

  • The main parts of a scythe include the blade, tang, snath (handle), grips, and heel.

What is the difference between a scythe and a sickle?

  • A scythe has a long curved blade attached to a long handle, while a sickle has a short curved blade attached to a short handle.

Is scything still used today?

  • Scything is still used today, especially in areas where manual cutting of crops or vegetation is necessary.