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How is the word 'synagogue' pronounced?



How to pronounce synagogue?

The word synagogue sounds like syn-a-gogue

What is the definition of synagogue?

noun(Judaism) the place of worship for a Jewish congregation

What is the definition of synagogue?

  • A synagogue is a Jewish place of worship and communal gathering.

What are some synonyms for synagogue?

  • Temple
  • Shul
  • Shuln
  • Shule
  • Beit HaKnesset

What is the origin of the word synagogue?

  • The word "synagogue" comes from a Greek word meaning "assembly" or "meeting."

What are the main features of a synagogue?

  • A typical synagogue includes an ark (where the Torah scrolls are kept), a bimah (a raised platform from which the Torah is read), a prayer hall, and various ritual objects.

What is the purpose of a synagogue?

  • The purpose of a synagogue is to serve as a place of prayer, study, and gathering for the Jewish community.

How is a synagogue different from a temple?

  • A synagogue is a place of worship and communal gathering for Jews, while a temple can refer to a place of worship for various religions.

What is the role of a rabbi in a synagogue?

  • A rabbi is a Jewish religious leader who leads services, delivers sermons, teaches, and provides guidance to the congregation.

How are synagogue services conducted?

  • Synagogue services typically involve prayers, readings from the Torah, singing of hymns, and a sermon or teaching from the rabbi.

What is the significance of the Torah in a synagogue?

  • The Torah is the central religious text of Judaism and is kept in the ark of a synagogue. It is read and studied during services.

Can non-Jews attend synagogue?

  • Many synagogues welcome non-Jewish visitors, but there may be certain restrictions or protocols to follow. It is always best to contact the synagogue in advance.