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How to pronounce 'mortuary'?



How to pronounce mortuary?

The word mortuary sounds like mor-tu-ar-y

What is the definition of mortuary?

nouna building (or room) where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation
of or relating to or characteristic of death
of or relating to a funeral

What is the definition of mortuary?

  • A mortuary is a place where dead bodies are stored before burial or cremation.

What is another name for a mortuary?

  • Another name for a mortuary is a funeral home.

What services are provided at a mortuary?

  • At a mortuary, services like embalming, funeral planning, arranging viewings, and conducting funeral ceremonies can be provided.

What is the purpose of a mortuary?

  • The purpose of a mortuary is to provide a facility for the care, preparation, and viewing of deceased individuals before their final disposition.

What does a mortuary director do?

  • A mortuary director is responsible for overseeing the operations of a mortuary, including coordinating funeral services, managing staff, and handling administrative tasks.

Is a mortuary the same as a morgue?

  • No, a mortuary and a morgue are different. A mortuary is a facility for the preparation and care of deceased individuals, whereas a morgue is a place where bodies are stored temporarily for forensic examination or identification purposes.

Do mortuaries only handle human bodies?

  • While mortuaries primarily handle human bodies, some may also handle the remains of animals.

Are mortuaries associated with a specific religion?

  • Mortuaries are not associated with a specific religion. They cater to the funeral and burial needs of individuals from various religious and cultural backgrounds.

Is embalming always done at a mortuary?

  • No, embalming is not always done at a mortuary. It depends on the wishes of the deceased's family and the specific requirements of the situation.

Are mortuaries regulated by any laws or regulations?

  • Yes, mortuaries are regulated by laws and regulations relating to the handling, preparation, and disposition of human remains. These regulations vary by jurisdiction.