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How to pronounce dost?


What is the meaning of "dost"?

  • Dost is a noun that is used to refer to a close friend or companion.

Is "dost" a common word?

  • Yes, "dost" is a commonly used word in various languages, including Hindi and Urdu.

What is the origin of the word "dost"?

  • The word "dost" originated from the Persian language and was later adopted into Hindi and Urdu.

How do you pronounce "dost"?

  • The pronunciation of "dost" is [dohst] with a long 'o' sound and a 'st' ending.

Can "dost" refer to both male and female friends?

  • Yes, "dost" is a gender-neutral term and can be used to refer to both male and female friends.

What are some synonyms of "dost"?

  • Some synonyms of "dost" are friend, companion, ally, mate, and buddy.

Can "dost" be used to address someone formally?

  • No, "dost" is an informal term and is used to address someone in a friendly and familiar manner.

Is "dost" used in any famous literary work?

  • Yes, the famous poet Mirza Ghalib often used the word "dost" in his poetry.

Is there a feminine form of "dost"?

  • No, "dost" is a gender-neutral term and does not have a specific feminine form.

Can "dost" be used in a professional context?

  • While "dost" is primarily used in personal relationships, it may be used in a professional context in certain informal settings.