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How do you pronounce "comte"?



How to pronounce comte?

The word comte sounds like comte

What is the definition of comte?

nounFrench philosopher remembered as the founder of positivism; he also established sociology as a systematic field of study

What is the definition of 'comte'?

  • Comte refers to a French nobleman or count.

What is the origin of the word 'comte'?

  • The word 'comte' originated from Old French, from Latin 'comes' meaning 'companion', which evolved to mean 'count'.

Is 'comte' a masculine or feminine noun?

  • 'Comte' is a masculine noun in French.

Can 'comte' refer to a title of nobility?

  • Yes, 'comte' is a title of nobility in France, equivalent to the English rank of 'count'.

How is 'comte' pronounced?

  • 'Comte' is pronounced as 'kohnt'.

Is 'comte' a common word in the French language?

  • 'Comte' is a relatively common word in the French language.

What is the plural form of 'comte'?

  • The plural form of 'comte' is 'comtes'.

Can 'comte' be used as a surname?

  • Yes, 'comte' can be used as a surname.

Who was a famous comte in history?

  • One of the famous comtes in history is Auguste Comte, a French philosopher and sociologist known as the founder of positivism.

Does 'comte' have any alternative spellings?

  • No, 'comte' does not have any alternative spellings.