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How to pronounce 'usually' and what does it mean?



How to pronounce usually?

The word usually sounds like u-su-al-ly

What is the definition of usually?

adverbunder normal conditions
  • usually she was late

What is the definition of the word 'usually'?

  • Usually is an adverb that means most of the time or generally

What is the antonym of 'usually'?

  • The antonym of 'usually' is 'rarely' or 'seldom'

What is the synonym of 'usually'?

  • The synonyms of 'usually' include 'generally', 'commonly', 'typically', and 'ordinarily'

What part of speech is 'usually'?

  • 'Usually' is an adverb

Can you provide an example sentence using 'usually'?

  • I usually go for a walk in the evening.
  • He usually takes the bus to work.

Is 'usually' a common word in English?

  • Yes, 'usually' is a common word in English

How is 'usually' pronounced?

  • 'Usually' is pronounced as yoo-zhoo-uh-lee

Can 'usually' be used to express certainty?

  • No, 'usually' does not express certainty. It indicates a general tendency or frequency.

Is 'usually' used in formal or informal contexts?

  • 'Usually' can be used in both formal and informal contexts.

Can 'usually' be used as part of a question?

  • Yes, 'usually' can be used in questions. For example: Do you usually eat breakfast?