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How to pronounce 'sorbonne' and its meaning?



How to pronounce sorbonne?

The word sorbonne sounds like sor-bonne

What is the definition of sorbonne?

nouna university in Paris; intellectual center of France

What is the meaning of 'sorbonne'?

  • The Sorbonne is a famous university located in Paris, France.

When was the Sorbonne founded?

  • The Sorbonne was founded in 1257.

Who founded the Sorbonne?

  • The Sorbonne was founded by Robert de Sorbon, a chaplain of Louis IX of France.

What subjects are taught at the Sorbonne?

  • The Sorbonne offers a wide range of subjects including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and law.

Is the Sorbonne a public or private university?

  • The Sorbonne is a public university.

Does the Sorbonne offer undergraduate programs?

  • Yes, the Sorbonne offers undergraduate programs.

Does the Sorbonne offer graduate programs?

  • Yes, the Sorbonne offers graduate programs.

Is the Sorbonne internationally recognized?

  • Yes, the Sorbonne is internationally recognized as a leading institution for higher education and research.

Are there other universities associated with the Sorbonne?

  • Yes, there are several universities in Paris that are part of the Sorbonne network.

Can students from any country apply to the Sorbonne?

  • Yes, the Sorbonne welcomes international students and has specific admission processes for foreign students.