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How to pronounce xanthippe?


What is the definition of xanthippe?

  • Xanthippe is a noun.
  • It refers to a scolding or ill-tempered woman.

What is the origin of the word xanthippe?

  • The word xanthippe originated from Greek.
  • It is derived from the Greek words 'xanthos' meaning 'yellow' and 'hippos' meaning 'horse'.

Who was the most famous Xanthippe?

  • The most famous Xanthippe is Xanthippe Socrates, the wife of Socrates.
  • She is known for her sharp tongue and argumentative nature.

How is Xanthippe pronounced?

  • Xanthippe is pronounced as zan-thi-pee.

What are some synonyms of xanthippe?

  • Some synonyms of xanthippe include shrew, nag, termagant, virago, and scold.

What are some related terms to xanthippe?

  • Some related terms to xanthippe include quarrelsome, ill-tempered, argumentative, and difficult.

Is xanthippe a common word?

  • No, xanthippe is not a commonly used word in modern language.
  • It is more commonly used in a historical or literary context.

Can xanthippe be used to describe men?

  • Although xanthippe typically refers to a woman, it can be used to describe men with scolding or ill-tempered behavior as well.

What is the opposite of xanthippe?

  • The opposite of xanthippe would be someone who is calm, easygoing, or pleasant.

Is xanthippe a derogatory term?

  • Xanthippe can be interpreted as a derogatory term depending on the context and the perspective of the listener.
  • Some may perceive it as offensive, while others may see it as a descriptive term.