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How to pronounce the word "hummel"


What is the meaning of hummel?

  • Hummel is a German word that means bumblebee.

Is hummel a noun?

  • Yes, hummel is a noun.

What is the origin of the word hummel?

  • The word hummel is derived from Middle High German 'hummel' and Old High German 'hummala', both meaning bumblebee.

Can hummel refer to a person?

  • Yes, hummel can refer to a person's last name.

What are some synonyms of hummel?

  • Some synonyms of hummel are bumblebee and bee.

Can hummel be used as a verb?

  • No, hummel is not used as a verb.

What are some related words to hummel?

  • Some related words to hummel are bee, insect, winged creature, and pollinator.

Is hummel a common word?

  • Hummel is not a very common word and is mainly used in German or in specific contexts related to bumblebees.

What is the plural form of hummel?

  • The plural form of hummel is hummeln.

Can hummel be capitalized?

  • Yes, Hummel can be capitalized when used as a proper noun, such as a brand name or a last name.