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How to pronounce 'surety'?



How to pronounce surety?

The word surety sounds like sure-ty

What is the definition of surety?

nouna guarantee that an obligation will be met
nounone who provides a warrant or guarantee to another
nounproperty that your creditor can claim in case you default on your obligation
nouna prisoner who is held by one party to insure that another party will meet specified terms
nounsomething clearly established

What is the meaning of surety?

  • Surety refers to the quality or state of being sure, certain, or confident in something.

What is the origin of the word surety?

  • The word surety originated from the Middle English word 'sewerte' and the Old French word 'seürté', both of which mean 'security'.

How can surety be used in a sentence?

  • He gave a surety for the loan.
  • The contractor provided a surety bond as a guarantee.
  • The surety of her voice was evident during the performance.

What are synonyms for surety?

  • assurance
  • certainty
  • confidence
  • guarantee
  • security

What are antonyms for surety?

  • doubt
  • uncertainty
  • insecurity

What is a related word to surety?

  • promise
  • warranty
  • pledge
  • bond

What is a surety bond?

  • A surety bond is a type of agreement that provides financial protection and guarantees the fulfillment of a specific obligation.

What is the difference between surety and security?

  • Surety refers to the state of being certain or confident, while security refers to measures taken to ensure safety, protection, or defense.

In law, what does surety mean?

  • In law, surety refers to a person who takes responsibility for the actions and debts of someone else, typically by signing a bond or contract.

What is the adjective form of surety?

  • The adjective form of surety is 'sure'.