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How do you pronounce "excerpt" and what does it mean?


verb, noun

How to pronounce excerpt?

The word excerpt sounds like ex-cerpt

What is the definition of excerpt?

verbtake out of a literary work in order to cite or copy
nouna passage selected from a larger work
  • he presented excerpts from William James' philosophical writings

What is the definition of excerpt?

  • An excerpt is a small portion or passage taken from a larger work, such as a book or article.

What is the origin of the word excerpt?

  • The word excerpt comes from the Latin word 'excerpere', which means 'to pluck out' or 'to select'.

How is excerpt pronounced?

  • The word excerpt is pronounced as 'ek-surpt'.

What are synonyms for excerpt?

  • Some synonyms for excerpt include extract, passage, selection, quotation, and fragment.

What is the opposite of excerpt?

  • The opposite of excerpt is 'whole', as an excerpt represents a partial or selected part of a larger work.

Can an excerpt be modified?

  • Yes, an excerpt can be modified or edited for various purposes, such as summarizing or highlighting specific information.

Is an excerpt always attributed to the original author?

  • Yes, an excerpt should always be attributed to the original author or source to give proper credit.

Where are excerpts commonly used?

  • Excerpts are commonly used in literature, academic papers, news articles, blog posts, and promotional materials.

What is the purpose of using an excerpt?

  • The purpose of using an excerpt is to provide a concise and representative sample of a larger work, allowing readers to get a glimpse of its content.

How can an excerpt be useful?

  • An excerpt can be useful for readers who want to get an overview or a taste of a larger work before deciding to read it in full.