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What is the pronunciation of vertices?


How to pronounce vertices?

The word vertices sounds like ver-ti-ces

What is the definition of vertices?

  • Vertices, plural of vertex, refers to the points where the sides of a polygon or the rays of an angle meet or intersect.

What is the singular form of vertices?

  • The singular form of vertices is vertex.

How do you pronounce vertices?

  • The pronunciation of vertices is vur-tuh-seez.

What is the synonym of vertices?

  • The synonyms of vertices include corners, points, apexes, and tips.

In what context is the word vertices commonly used?

  • The word vertices is commonly used in mathematics, geometry, and computer graphics.

What is the opposite of vertices?

  • The opposite of vertices is center or midpoint.

What are some examples of vertices?

  • Some examples of vertices are the corners of a square, the meeting point of two lines, and the endpoints of a line segment.

What is the role of vertices in a polygon?

  • Vertices play a crucial role in defining the shape and structure of a polygon. They determine the number, position, and connectivity of the sides or edges.

How many vertices does a triangle have?

  • A triangle has 3 vertices.

Can a polygon have more than 4 vertices?

  • Yes, a polygon can have any number of vertices, as long as the sides do not intersect and form a closed shape.