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What is the pronunciation of "schumann"?



How to pronounce schumann?

The word schumann sounds like schu-mann

What is the definition of schumann?

nounGerman romantic composer known for piano music and songs (1810-1856)
nounGerman pianist and composer of piano music; renowned for her interpretation of music, especially the music of her husband Robert Schumann (1819-1896)

What is the origin of the word 'schumann'?

  • The word 'schumann' is of German origin.

What is the meaning of 'schumann'?

  • 'Schumann' is a surname that originated from Germany. It is derived from the words 'schuh' meaning 'shoe' and 'mann' meaning 'man', indicating someone involved in the shoe trade.

Is 'schumann' a common surname?

  • Yes, 'Schumann' is a fairly common surname in Germany.

Who are some famous people with the surname 'schumann'?

  • Some famous people with the surname 'Schumann' include Robert Schumann, a renowned German composer, and Clara Schumann, a pianist and composer.

Is 'schumann' a popular given name?

  • No, 'Schumann' is primarily used as a surname and is rarely used as a given name.

Are there any variations of the surname 'schumann'?

  • Yes, variations of the surname 'Schumann' include 'Schuman', 'Shuman', and 'Shumann'.

What are some similar surnames to 'schumann'?

  • Some similar surnames to 'Schumann' include 'Schmidt', 'Schulz', and 'Schneider'.

What are some compound surnames derived from 'schumann'?

  • Some compound surnames derived from 'Schumann' include 'Schumann-Heink' and 'Schumann-Bonnell'.

Is 'schumann' a commonly misspelled word?

  • 'Schumann' is not commonly misspelled, but it may be mistaken for similar surnames like 'Schumacher' or 'Schulmann'.

Is there any famous music associated with the surname 'schumann'?

  • Yes, the composer Robert Schumann has created numerous famous musical compositions.