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How to pronounce 'anna' and what is the meaning of 'anna'



How to pronounce anna?

The word anna sounds like an-na

What is the definition of anna?

nouna former copper coin of Pakistan and India

What is the meaning of 'anna'?

  • 'Anna' is a female given name of Hebrew origin. It means 'grace' or 'favor'.

Is 'anna' a common name?

  • Yes, 'Anna' is a very common name in many countries around the world.

What are some variations of the name 'anna'?

  • Some variations of the name 'Anna' include 'Ana', 'Ann', 'Anne', 'Anya', and 'Hannah'.

Is 'anna' used in any famous literature or movies?

  • Yes, the name 'Anna' is used in Leo Tolstoy's novel 'Anna Karenina' and in Disney's animated movie 'Frozen'.

Does 'anna' have any religious significance?

  • In the Bible, Anna is the name of a prophetess in the New Testament. She is mentioned in the Gospel of Luke.

Are there any notable people with the name 'anna'?

  • Yes, there are many notable people with the name 'Anna'. Some examples include Anna Kendrick (American actress), Anna Wintour (British-American journalist), and Anna Paquin (Canadian-New Zealand actress).

What is the origin of the name 'anna'?

  • The name 'Anna' has Hebrew origins. It is derived from the Hebrew name 'Hannah'.

Is 'anna' a unisex name?

  • While 'Anna' is primarily used as a female given name, it can also be used as a unisex name in some cultures.

What are some famous fictional characters named 'anna'?

  • Some famous fictional characters named 'Anna' include Anna Karenina from Leo Tolstoy's novel, Anna Scott from the movie 'Notting Hill', and Anna Fitzgerald from the book and movie 'My Sister's Keeper'.

What is the popularity of the name 'anna'?

  • The popularity of the name 'Anna' has varied over time. It has been a consistently popular name in many countries, although its rankings have fluctuated.