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How to pronounce "vientiane"?



How to pronounce vientiane?

The word vientiane sounds like vien-ti-ane

What is the definition of vientiane?

nounthe capital and largest city of Laos

What is the meaning of vientiane?

  • Vientiane is the capital and largest city of Laos.

Where is Vientiane located?

  • Vientiane is located in the northern part of Laos, near the border with Thailand.

What is the population of Vientiane?

  • The population of Vientiane is approximately 820,000.

What is the official language of Vientiane?

  • The official language of Vientiane is Lao.

What is the currency used in Vientiane?

  • The currency used in Vientiane is Lao kip.

What are some popular attractions in Vientiane?

  • Some popular attractions in Vientiane include Wat Si Saket, Pha That Luang, Patuxai Victory Monument, and Buddha Park.

What is the climate like in Vientiane?

  • Vientiane has a tropical savanna climate, with hot and humid summers and dry, cooler winters.

Is Vientiane a safe city to visit?

  • Vientiane is considered to be a relatively safe city for tourists, with a low crime rate.

Are there any famous festivals in Vientiane?

  • One of the most famous festivals in Vientiane is the That Luang Festival, which is held annually at the That Luang Stupa.

What are some traditional dishes in Vientiane?

  • Some traditional dishes in Vientiane include Laap (a minced meat salad), Khao Poon (a spicy rice vermicelli soup), and Tam Mak Houng (green papaya salad).