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How to pronounce gimlet?



How to pronounce gimlet?

The word gimlet sounds like gim-let

What is the definition of gimlet?

nounhand tool for boring holes
nouna cocktail made of gin or vodka and lime juice

What is the definition of gimlet?

  • A gimlet is a small tool used for drilling small holes, typically in wood.

What is the origin of the word gimlet?

  • The word gimlet originates from the Middle French word 'guimbelet', which means 'instrument for boring small holes'.

What are the different uses of gimlet?

  • A gimlet can be used for drilling small holes in wood or other materials, opening bottles with cork stoppers, or mixing drinks.

What does a gimlet look like?

  • A gimlet typically consists of a handle and a pointed screw-like metal tip.

Why is the gimlet named so?

  • The name 'gimlet' is derived from the Old French word 'guinbelet' or 'guimbelet', which in turn comes from the Middle French word 'guimbelet', meaning 'instrument for boring small holes'.

Are there different types of gimlets?

  • Yes, there are different types of gimlets, such as hand gimlets, spiral gimlets, or twist gimlets. They may vary in size and shape.

Is a gimlet a common tool?

  • Yes, gimlets are common woodworking tools used for various applications.

Can a gimlet be used as a cocktail tool?

  • Yes, in addition to its woodworking uses, a gimlet is also known as a cocktail tool. It is used for mixing drinks, especially the classic gin and lime juice cocktail called the gimlet.

What is the size of a typical gimlet?

  • The size of a gimlet can vary, but a typical hand gimlet is around 6-8 inches in length.

Is a screwdriver similar to a gimlet?

  • No, a screwdriver is a different tool used for driving screws, while a gimlet is used for drilling small holes.