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How to pronounce 'cyma' and what is the meaning of 'cyma'



How to pronounce cyma?

The word cyma sounds like cy-ma

What is the definition of cyma?

noun(architecture) a molding for a cornice; in profile it is shaped like an S (partly concave and partly convex)

What is the meaning of the word cyma?

  • Cyma refers to a curved molding in the form of the letter S.

What is the origin of the word cyma?

  • The word cyma derives from Latin, where it means a wave or crest.

What is a cyma recta?

  • A cyma recta is a convex molding with a concave upper edge and a convex lower edge that forms an S-shaped curve.

What is a cyma reversa?

  • A cyma reversa is a concave molding with a convex upper edge and a concave lower edge that forms an S-shaped curve.

What are some synonyms for cyma?

  • Some synonyms for cyma include S-shaped molding and wave molding.

What are some examples of cyma in architecture?

  • Cyma moldings can be found in cornices, capitals, and architraves in various architectural styles.

How is cyma pronounced?

  • Cyma is pronounced as 'sai-muh'.

Is cyma used in contemporary architecture?

  • Yes, cyma moldings are still commonly used in contemporary architecture.

What is the purpose of cyma moldings?

  • Cyma moldings serve both a functional and decorative purpose in architecture. They provide visual interest and help to transition between different architectural elements.

Can cyma moldings be made from different materials?

  • Yes, cyma moldings can be made from various materials such as wood, plaster, or stone.