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How to pronounce the word tenure?


noun, verb

How to pronounce tenure?

The word tenure sounds like ten-ure

What is the definition of tenure?

nounthe term during which some position is held
nounthe right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands
verbgive life-time employment to
  • She was tenured after she published her book

What is the definition of tenure?

  • Tenure refers to the status or terms of employment of a person, especially as it relates to their rights, benefits, and security of employment.

What are the different types of tenure?

  • There are two main types of tenure: academic tenure and employment tenure. Academic tenure is a permanent appointment granted to professors and researchers at universities, while employment tenure refers to the length of time an employee has been in a particular job or organization.

How does academic tenure work?

  • Academic tenure is typically granted to professors and researchers in higher education institutions. It provides them with job security and protects them from arbitrary dismissal. Tenure is usually granted after a probationary period and is based on the individual's performance, research, and contribution to the institution.

What are the benefits of academic tenure?

  • Academic tenure offers job security, which allows professors and researchers to pursue controversial or unpopular research topics without fear of losing their positions. It also protects academic freedom, ensuring that scholars can express their opinions and engage in critical inquiry without undue interference.

How does employment tenure affect job security?

  • Employment tenure refers to the length of time an individual has been employed in a specific job or organization. Longer tenure generally provides more job security, as the employee is less likely to be laid off or terminated. It may also come with additional benefits such as increased vacation time, retirement contributions, and healthcare coverage.

What is the average tenure in a job?

  • The average tenure in a job varies depending on the industry and occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median tenure for wage and salary workers in the United States was 4.2 years as of January 2020. However, this can vary significantly based on factors such as job type, age, and geographical location.

How is tenure calculated?

  • Tenure is calculated by determining the length of time an individual has been employed in a specific job or organization. It is usually measured in years and can be calculated by subtracting the start date of employment from the current or end date.

Can tenure be revoked?

  • Yes, tenure can be revoked under certain circumstances. The process and requirements for revoking tenure vary depending on the institution and the specific situation. Generally, tenured individuals can be dismissed for reasons such as gross misconduct, ethical violations, or financial exigency within the institution.

What is the purpose of granting tenure?

  • The purpose of granting tenure is to provide job security and academic freedom to professors and researchers, allowing them to pursue knowledge and scholarship without fear of reprisal or arbitrary dismissal. Tenure is intended to protect intellectual inquiry and the pursuit of truth in academic settings.

Is tenure common in all professions?

  • No, tenure is not common in all professions. It is primarily associated with academic positions in higher education institutions. Other professions, particularly those in the private sector, often have different systems of employment and job security.