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How to say quay and what does quay mean?



How to pronounce quay?

The word quay sounds like quay

What is the definition of quay?

nounwharf usually built parallel to the shoreline

What is the meaning of the word 'quay'?

  • A quay is a structure built parallel to the bank of a waterway, typically used for loading and unloading ships.

What is the origin of the word 'quay'?

  • The word 'quay' originated from the Middle English word 'keye,' which came from the Old Norman 'kai' meaning 'wharf'.

What are some synonyms of 'quay'?

  • Wharf
  • Dock
  • Pier
  • Jetty

What is the difference between a 'quay' and a 'dock'?

  • A quay is a solid, stone or concrete platform built parallel to the waterway, while a dock is an enclosed area where ships can be loaded, unloaded, and repaired.

What is the plural form of 'quay'?

  • The plural form of 'quay' is 'quays'.

Can 'quay' be used as a verb?

  • No, 'quay' is not used as a verb.

What are some examples of famous quays?

  • Some famous quays include the Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia, Albert Quay in Cork, Ireland, and the Quays of the Old Port in Montreal, Canada.

What is the etymology of the word 'quay'?

  • The word 'quay' can be traced back to the Proto-Indo-European root 'ghe-', which means 'to throw' or 'to leave'. It is related to the Latin word 'coactus', meaning 'compelled'.

What is the pronunciation of 'quay'?

  • The word 'quay' is pronounced as 'kee'.

Is 'quay' commonly used in British English?

  • Yes, 'quay' is commonly used in British English.