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How to pronounce the word "kaffeeklatsch"?


What is the definition of kaffeeklatsch?

  • Kaffeeklatsch is a German word that refers to a social gathering where people meet to have coffee and engage in casual conversation.

What is the origin of the word kaffeeklatsch?

  • The word kaffeeklatsch is of German origin. 'Kaffee' means coffee and 'klatsch' means gossip.

Is kaffeeklatsch a common word in English?

  • While it originated in German, kaffeeklatsch is also used in English, especially in informal contexts.

How do you pronounce kaffeeklatsch?

  • The pronunciation of kaffeeklatsch is kah-fey-klaach, with the 'ch' sound similar to the 'ch' in 'loch' or 'Bach'.

What are some synonyms of kaffeeklatsch?

  • Some synonyms of kaffeeklatsch include coffee gathering, coffee chat, coffee morning, and coffee party.

Is kaffeeklatsch a formal event?

  • Kaffeeklatsch is typically an informal event where friends or acquaintances gather for coffee and light conversation.

Are there any specific traditions associated with kaffeeklatsch?

  • Kaffeeklatsch often involves serving coffee, tea, and cakes or pastries. In some cultures, it is common to have a designated 'kaffeeklatsch' time in the afternoon.

Is kaffeeklatsch only for women?

  • Historically, kaffeeklatsch gatherings were primarily attended by women, but in modern times, they can be attended by people of any gender.

What is the purpose of a kaffeeklatsch?

  • The purpose of a kaffeeklatsch is to socialize and enjoy a relaxed conversation over coffee or tea.

Is kaffeeklatsch a cultural tradition?

  • Kaffeeklatsch has roots in German and European culture but has become a common social activity in various countries around the world.