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How to pronounce 'jibboom'?



How to pronounce jibboom?

The word jibboom sounds like jib-boom

What is the definition of jibboom?

nouna spar that extends the bowsprit

What is the meaning of jibboom?

  • The word jibboom refers to a spar that extends from the bow of a ship, used to support the jib or flying jib sails.

What is the origin of the word jibboom?

  • The word jibboom originated from the combination of 'jib' (a triangular sail) and 'boom' (a spar extending horizontally to secure the foot of a sail)

How is jibboom pronounced?

  • It is pronounced as 'jib-boom'.

What is the function of a jibboom on a ship?

  • The jibboom serves to extend the foretriangle and allow for the attachment of additional sails, such as the jib or flying jib.

What are some synonyms of jibboom?

  • Some synonyms of jibboom include flying jib boom and flying jib-boom.

In what context is the word jibboom commonly used?

  • The word jibboom is commonly used in the context of sailing and naval architecture.

Can the jibboom be adjusted or moved?

  • Yes, the jibboom can be adjusted or moved to control the shape and angle of the jib sails.

What are some related terms or concepts associated with jibboom?

  • Some related terms or concepts associated with jibboom include bowsprit, mast, rigging, and sail.

Is the jibboom found on all types of ships?

  • The jibboom is commonly found on sailing ships, especially those with fore-and-aft rigged sails.

Are there any safety considerations when working with a jibboom?

  • Yes, working with a jibboom requires caution and proper knowledge of sail handling to prevent accidents or damage to the ship.