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How to pronounce subfusc



How to pronounce subfusc?

The word subfusc sounds like sub-fusc

What is the definition of subfusc?

adjectivedevoid of brightness or appeal
  • a subfusc mining town
  • dark subfusc clothing

What is the definition of subfusc?

  • Subfusc is an adjective that means dull, gloomy, or drab in appearance or color.

What is the origin of the word subfusc?

  • The word subfusc originated from Latin, where 'sub-' means below or under, and 'fuscus' means dark or dusky.

How is subfusc pronounced?

  • The word subfusc is pronounced as 'sub-fuhsk'.

What are synonyms of subfusc?

  • Some synonyms of subfusc are somber, gloomy, dull, drab, dark, and dingy.

What are antonyms of subfusc?

  • Some antonyms of subfusc are vibrant, bright, colorful, lively, and cheerful.

Can subfusc be used to describe a person?

  • Yes, subfusc can be used to describe a person if their appearance or demeanor is dull or gloomy.

What is the meaning of subfusc attire?

  • Subfusc attire refers to formal or traditional clothing worn on special occasions or at academic ceremonies, typically consisting of dark-colored clothing, such as a black suit or gown.

Is subfusc a common word?

  • No, subfusc is not a common word and is more often used in formal or literary contexts.

Can subfusc be used to describe a place?

  • Yes, subfusc can be used to describe a place if it has a dull or gloomy appearance.

What are examples of subfusc colors?

  • Examples of subfusc colors include dark gray, charcoal, navy blue, and burgundy.