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How to pronounce the word limen?



How to pronounce limen?

The word limen sounds like li-men

What is the definition of limen?

nounthe smallest detectable sensation

What is the definition of limen?

  • Limen is a noun that refers to the threshold or point of entry into a new state or experience.

What is the origin of the word limen?

  • Limen comes from the Latin word 'līmen' which means 'threshold'.

What are synonyms for limen?

  • Some synonyms for limen include threshold, brink, border, edge, boundary, and entrance.

What are antonyms for limen?

  • Some antonyms for limen include interior, center, middle, core, and heart.

How is limen pronounced?

  • Limen is pronounced as 'lai-mən'.

What is an example sentence using the word limen?

  • Crossing the limen into adulthood can be a daunting experience.

What are related words for limen?

  • Some related words for limen include doorstep, entranceway, portal, threshold, gateway, and access point.

Is limen a commonly used word?

  • Limen is not a very commonly used word in everyday language.

What is the plural form of limen?

  • The plural form of limen is 'limina'.

Can limen be used in different contexts?

  • Yes, limen can be used in various contexts such as psychology, literature, and philosophy.