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How do you pronounce 'cantillon' and what does 'cantillon' mean?


How to pronounce cantillon?

The word cantillon sounds like Can-til-lon

What is the definition of 'cantillon'?

  • Cantillon refers to a brewing method that involves a traditional open fermentation process.

Where does the word 'cantillon' come from?

  • The word 'cantillon' is derived from the name of a famous brewery in Belgium called Brasserie Cantillon.

What is Brasserie Cantillon known for?

  • Brasserie Cantillon is known for producing lambic beers, which are a style of spontaneously fermented beers.

What is lambic beer?

  • Lambic beer is a type of beer that is brewed using wild yeast and bacteria for fermentation, resulting in a unique sour taste.

How is lambic beer different from other beers?

  • Lambic beer is different from other beers because it is fermented using wild yeast and bacteria instead of Saccharomyces yeast.

What is an open fermentation process?

  • An open fermentation process is a brewing technique where the wort is exposed to the surrounding air during fermentation.

What are the advantages of open fermentation in brewing?

  • Open fermentation allows for natural airborne yeast and bacteria to contribute to the fermentation process, resulting in unique flavors and aromas.

Are there any disadvantages of open fermentation?

  • One disadvantage of open fermentation is the increased risk of contamination from unwanted microorganisms.

Is Cantillon a popular brewery?

  • Yes, Cantillon is highly regarded by beer enthusiasts worldwide and has a cult following.

Where is Brasserie Cantillon located?

  • Brasserie Cantillon is located in Brussels, Belgium.