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How to pronounce the word implosion and what does implosion mean?



How to pronounce implosion?

The word implosion sounds like im-plo-sion

What is the definition of implosion?

nouna sudden inward collapse
  • the implosion of a light bulb
nounthe initial occluded phase of a stop consonant

What is the definition of implosion?

  • Implosion is a noun that refers to a violent collapse inward, often with a loud noise.

What is the opposite of implosion?

  • The opposite of implosion is explosion.

Is implosion a common word?

  • Implosion is not as common as explosion, but it is still used in specific contexts.

Can you give an example sentence using implosion?

  • Sure! Here's an example sentence: The building's implosion was so powerful that it shattered nearby windows.

What are some synonyms of implosion?

  • Some synonyms of implosion include collapse, downfall, destruction, and ruin.

What are some related words to implosion?

  • Some related words to implosion include collapse, crumble, implode, and cave in.

What is the origin of the word implosion?

  • The word implosion originated in the early 19th century, derived from the prefix 'im-' meaning 'into' and the word 'explosion'. It was first used to describe a violent collapse inward.

Can implosion be used metaphorically?

  • Yes, implosion can be used metaphorically to describe a sudden and dramatic failure or collapse of a system or organization.

Is implosion a scientific term?

  • While implosion is commonly used in scientific contexts, it is not exclusively a scientific term. It can be used in various fields including physics, engineering, and even in everyday language.

Are there any idiomatic expressions related to implosion?

  • Yes, one idiomatic expression related to implosion is 'to implode under pressure', which means to collapse or fail when faced with excessive stress or difficulties.