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How to say 'chapeau' correctly?



How to pronounce chapeau?

The word chapeau sounds like cha-peau

What is the definition of chapeau?

nounheaddress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim

What is the definition of chapeau?

  • Chapeau is a French word that means hat.

What is the origin of the word chapeau?

  • The word chapeau comes from Old French, ultimately derived from Late Latin cappa, meaning a cape or hood.

What are some synonyms for chapeau?

  • Some synonyms for chapeau are hat, headgear, headdress, cap, bonnet, and beret.

What are some related words to chapeau?

  • Some related words to chapeau are fedora, beanie, sombrero, fascinator, and toque.

What are some examples of chapeau used in a sentence?

  • She looked elegant in her fashionable chapeau.
  • He tipped his chapeau to the passing parade.
  • The lady wore a yellow chapeau with a large brim.

What is the plural form of chapeau?

  • The plural form of chapeau is chapeaus or chapeaux.

What is the gender of chapeau?

  • Chapeau is a masculine noun in French.

What is the phonetic pronunciation of chapeau?

  • The phonetic pronunciation of chapeau is shah-poh.

What are some common collocations with chapeau?

  • Some common collocations with chapeau are 'stylish chapeau', 'elegant chapeau', 'fashionable chapeau', and 'tipped chapeau'.

What is the cultural significance of chapeau?

  • Chapeau has been a symbol of fashion and social status throughout history. In various cultures, different styles of chapeaux have represented different social classes or professions.