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How to pronounce the word neve?



What is the definition of neve?

nounthe upper part of a glacier (beyond the limit of perpetual snow) where the snow turns to ice

What is the definition of neve?

  • Neve is a type of granular snow formed by repeated thawing and refreezing.

What is another term for neve?

  • Another term for neve is firn.

How is neve different from snow?

  • Neve is denser and more compact than fresh snow, which is composed of individual ice crystals.

How does neve form?

  • Neve forms through a process called sintering, where layers of snow get compacted and ice crystals bond together under pressure.

Where is neve commonly found?

  • Neve can be found in high-altitude regions, such as mountains and glaciers.

What are the characteristics of neve?

  • Neve is usually white, relatively hard, and has a granular texture.

Can neve be used for skiing?

  • Neve can be used for skiing, as it provides a good surface for gliding.

Is neve the same as ice?

  • No, neve is not the same as ice. Neve is a stage between snow and ice, characterized by partially melted and refrozen snowflakes.

What happens to neve over time?

  • Over time, neve can undergo further compaction and metamorphose into glacial ice.

Is neve a common occurrence?

  • Neve is a common occurrence in areas where snow accumulates and undergoes repeated freezing and thawing cycles.