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How do you pronounce 'lasalle'?



What is the definition of lasalle?

nounFrench explorer who claimed Louisiana for France (1643-1687)

What is the definition of Lasalle?

  • Lasalle is a proper noun that refers to a street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Where is Lasalle located?

  • Lasalle is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What is the history of Lasalle?

  • Lasalle is named after the French explorer René-Robert Cavelier de La Salle, who explored the Great Lakes region of North America in the 17th century.

Is Lasalle a popular street?

  • Yes, Lasalle is a popular street in Montreal and is known for its rich history and vibrant community.

What attractions are there on Lasalle?

  • Some attractions on Lasalle include the Lachine Canal, Parc Angrignon, and the Musee des Hospitalieres de I'Hotel-Dieu de Montreal.

Are there any famous landmarks on Lasalle?

  • Yes, some famous landmarks on Lasalle include the Saint Lawrence River, the Lasalle Church, and the Canal Bridge.

Are there any restaurants on Lasalle?

  • Yes, there are several restaurants and cafes on Lasalle, offering a variety of cuisines.

Is Lasalle a residential area?

  • Yes, Lasalle is primarily a residential area with a mix of single-family homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings.

Is Lasalle a safe neighborhood?

  • Lasalle is generally considered a safe neighborhood, but it is always recommended to take necessary precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

What are some nearby neighborhoods to Lasalle?

  • Some nearby neighborhoods to Lasalle include Verdun, Pointe-Saint-Charles, and LaSalle Southwest.