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How to pronounce 'aurum' correctly?


How to pronounce aurum?

The word aurum sounds like Au-rum

What is the meaning of aurum?

  • Aurum is the Latin term for gold.

What is the atomic number of aurum?

  • The atomic number of aurum is 79.

What is the symbol of aurum?

  • The symbol of aurum is Au.

What is the atomic weight of aurum?

  • The atomic weight of aurum is 196.966569.

What is the melting point of aurum?

  • The melting point of aurum is 1064.18 degrees Celsius.

What is the boiling point of aurum?

  • The boiling point of aurum is 2856 degrees Celsius.

Is aurum a metal?

  • Yes, aurum is a metal.

What are the properties of aurum?

  • Aurum is a soft, yellow, dense, and malleable metal with a bright luster.

What is the origin of the word aurum?

  • The word aurum comes from the Latin word for gold.

What are some uses of aurum?

  • Aurum is used in jewelry, electronics, dentistry, and as a monetary standard.