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How is the word "puisne" pronounced?


What is the definition of puisne?

  • Puisne is an adjective that means junior or subordinate in rank.

What is the origin of the word puisne?

  • The word puisne is derived from the Old French word 'puis', meaning 'later' or 'then'.

What are synonyms for puisne?

  • Some synonyms for puisne are junior, underling, lesser, subordinate, and lower-ranking.

What is the antonym of puisne?

  • The antonym of puisne is senior or superior.

How is puisne used in a sentence?

  • He was a puisne officer in the company and took orders from his superior.
  • The puisne judge delivered a dissenting opinion in the court case.
  • The puisne members of the team were given less important tasks.

Is puisne a common word?

  • No, puisne is not a commonly used word in everyday conversation. It is more commonly found in legal or historical contexts.

What is the plural form of puisne?

  • The plural form of puisne is puisnes.

Can puisne be used as a noun?

  • Yes, in legal terminology, puisne can be used as a noun to refer to a junior or subordinate judge.

What is the meaning of puisne judge?

  • Puisne judge refers to a judge who is junior in rank or experience compared to other judges.

Are there any alternative spellings of puisne?

  • No, puisne is the standard and accepted spelling of the word.