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How do you pronounce the word prepuce?



How to pronounce prepuce?

The word prepuce sounds like pre-puce

What is the definition of prepuce?

nouna fold of skin covering the tip of the penis
nouna fold of skin covering the tip of the clitoris

What is the definition of prepuce?

  • The prepuce is the retractable fold of skin that covers the glans penis in males or the clitoral glans in females.

What is another name for prepuce?

  • Another name for prepuce is foreskin.

What is the function of the prepuce?

  • The prepuce protects the sensitive glans of the penis or clitoris, and it also helps to maintain moisture and lubrication in the genital area.

Where is the prepuce found?

  • The prepuce is found in males, covering the glans penis, and in females, covering the clitoral glans.

Why is the prepuce removed in some medical procedures?

  • The prepuce may be surgically removed in some medical procedures, such as circumcision, for cultural, religious, or medical reasons.

Is the prepuce present in all individuals?

  • No, the prepuce is not present in all individuals. It is typically found in males, but some males may be circumcised and have their prepuce removed.

What are some health conditions associated with the prepuce?

  • Some health conditions associated with the prepuce include phimosis (tight foreskin), balanitis (inflammation of the glans and prepuce), and paraphimosis (inability to retract the foreskin).

How is the prepuce cleaned?

  • The prepuce should be cleaned regularly with warm water and mild soap, gently pulling it back to wash the area. It is important to avoid using harsh soaps or excessive force as this can cause irritation or injury.

What are the potential complications of prepuce removal?

  • Potential complications of prepuce removal include bleeding, infection, scarring, and changes in sensation during sexual activity.

Is prepuce removal always necessary for medical reasons?

  • No, prepuce removal is not always necessary for medical reasons. It is a personal choice that can depend on cultural, religious, or medical factors.