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How is the word 'mendicancy' pronounced?



How to pronounce mendicancy?

The word mendicancy sounds like men-di-can-cy

What is the definition of mendicancy?

nouna solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person)
nounthe state of being a beggar or mendicant
  • they were reduced to mendicancy

What is the definition of mendicancy?

  • Mendicancy is the act or practice of begging for alms or charity.

What is the origin of the word mendicancy?

  • The word mendicancy comes from the Latin word 'mendicantia', which means begging.

What are synonyms for mendicancy?

  • Begging
  • panhandling
  • vagrancy
  • alms-seeking

What is the opposite of mendicancy?

  • Wealth
  • prosperity
  • affluence

What are some examples of mendicancy around the world?

  • Street beggars in urban areas
  • Religious mendicants who rely on donations
  • People with disabilities who beg for support

What are the social implications of mendicancy?

  • Mendicancy can be a sign of poverty and economic inequality
  • It can also involve issues of public safety and nuisance
  • Society's response to mendicancy varies, ranging from compassion to criminalization

Are there laws or regulations regarding mendicancy?

  • Different countries and regions have different laws regarding mendicancy
  • Some prohibit or regulate begging, while others have specific policies to address the issue

How is mendicancy viewed in different cultures?

  • In some cultures, mendicancy is seen as a legitimate way for people to seek help
  • In others, it may be stigmatized or viewed as a nuisance

Is mendicancy considered a profession?

  • Mendicancy is generally not considered a profession, as it is associated with poverty and the need for basic support

What are the psychological factors influencing mendicancy?

  • Mendicancy can be driven by factors such as desperation, lack of employment opportunities, and mental health issues